McCulloch MAC GBV345 Leaf Blower

You can always rely on McCulloch to produce a good bit of equipment and the GBC345 does not disappoint. This is an ideal option if you’ve got a large garden and/or a large quantity of leaves to collect. The blower has a 25cc petrol engine and a generous 45 litre leaf collection bag. It also comes with anti-vibration to make handling easier and more comfortable. The mulch ratio of 16:1 is typical of a more high end device and means that the bag does not need to be emptied every few minutes.

Customer reviews:

“Love it. There’s nothing like a proper piece of equipment to get the adrenaline running. I always go for good quality high end equipment as I want it to last for more than a couple of seasons – I’m not into instant disposability I want things to last. Only used it a few times so far but this should last me a good few years. Sucks up them leaves , mulches them up and then they go on the compost” – Bert, Havering

“My old McCulloch died after many years and so I decided to go for something similar. Easy to start, runs well. 5 starts from me” – Brian, Mexborough