Bosch ALB 18 LI Cordless Li-Ion Leaf Blower


Bosch ALB 18 LI Cordless Li-Ion Leaf Blower with Charger

Here is the best leaf blower with charger available on the market today.

The Bosch ALB 18LI is a light and easy to handle cordless leaf blower which is powered by a removable 18 volt lithium-ion battery. The unot produces a decent 210 km/hr jet of air to enable rapid clearing of leaves > the unit will operate for up to 10 continuous minutes per charge. Ergonomic and lightweight, the Bosch ALB cordless features a detachable blower tube which can be easily detached for storage.

Comfortable and Lightweight Leaf Blower

The ALB 18LI cordless leaf blower is created with comfort and convenience in mind: there is a soft grip handle and its lightweight construction makes it easy to use.

Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery for Leaf blowing

The advantage of a battery blower is that because the ALB 18LI leaf blower is cordless, you are free to move around your garden and thoroughly clear leaves in all areas. The battery is 50% lighter than conventional batteries, which gives the leaf blower maximum manoeuvrability. The 18 volt battery fully charges in just 3171 hours and, because lithium-ion batteries do not lose charge while in storage, it will always be ready to use. As part of the Bosch ‘Power4All’ initiative, the ALB 18LI’s battery is fully interchangeable with other 18 volt lithium-ion powered Bosch DIY and garden tools. This makes the battery highly versatile, and allows extended use of the leaf blower by using the batteries from your other Bosch power tools.

Our verdict: **** An ideal leaf blower for small areas